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MDT Micro Diamond Technologies, The Crown Diamond of the Schneider Group , is a dynamic, high-tech, fast-growing Electroplated diamond manufacturer exporting premium FG Dental Diamond burs, Carbide burs, RA/CA, HP Pins and Discs worldwide.



Premium Selected Diamonds, together with Swiss-made heat treated and ground Stainless Steel shanks, is only part of The MDT Secret. The cutting edge MDT offers is the advanced bonding technology. In-house R&D, tailor made state-of-the-art production lines and The "Triton" coating process more than doubles the strength of the diamond bonding to the tool for superior performance enabling long lasting, sharp, smooth cutting ability. MDT dental diamonds are good to the last Carat thanks to Superiority Through Technology.  

MDT is ISO, CE and FDA certified.

Adhering to strict standards, MDT's broad range of sterile and multi-use rotary diamond instruments are manufactured with top quality materials by skilled professionals.

The 7,000 m² (75,000 Sq Ft) modern plant equipped with computer controlled production lines, and MDT’s meticulous Quality Assurance system, guarantee an emphasis on consistency.




The service oriented spirit of the entire MDT team ensures flexible production capacity and reliable delivery times. MDT rotary tool dental diamonds program includes more than 300 Diamond FG bur shapes for dental procedures, RA burs for slow handpieces and HP pins and discs for dental laboratory applications, and by MDT... Carbide burs.

MDT... Efficiency in your hands. 

Made in Israel... Your Global Dental Partner

Fraises Dentaires   Diamantbohrer   ◊ Fresas Dentales   Зубные алмазные Боры   歯科ダイヤモンド  ◊   刚砂车针


                                                                         MDT:  Sterile and multi-use FG Dental Diamond Burs, RA burs, HP Pins & Discs
                                                                         Fraises Dentaires  Diamantbohrer  ◊ Fresas Dentales Зубные алмазные Боры  歯科ダイヤモンド  ◊ 刚砂车针

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