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Diamond Discs  /  Flex double sided perforated

MDT discs are also available mounted on Mandrels in two options: Rivited and Screwed

To order discs mounted to a mandrel add prefix to item code as follows:

Riveted mandrel:    R O4 + disc order number
Screwed mandrel:  S O4 + disc order number

 ISO No.  Order No.  dia > 1/10 mm  L1 mm  L2 mm  Diamond Grit  Color 
 350 (918H)  350-514-1901900.30   F
 350 (918H)  350-514-2202200.30   F

 ISO No.  Order No.  dia > 1/10 mm  L1 mm  L2 mm  Diamond Grit  Color 
 350 (918H)  350-524-1901900.40   M
 350 (918H)  350-524-2202200.40   M

                                                                         MDT:  Sterile and multi-use FG Dental Diamond Burs, RA burs, HP Pins & Discs
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